Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dinosaur Transformer Show What's This 80's Or 90's Cartoon Movie About Robots Surviving?

What's this 80's or 90's cartoon movie about robots surviving? - dinosaur transformer show

I remember when I discovered a child of my mother that she would show the Transformers movie at a time on television and customs, was so attentive to my disappointment, however, showed an animated film instead of various transformers so I think someone screwed . But to my surprise was really incredible and I can no longer find.

It was an hour and a half long and had an animated film with robots. Humanoid robots, but not like. I can vaguely remember a robot, and it was a woman, like the legs of the spider was, and I think to some degree of damage and lost some.

Hmm, I do not know who the man in this cartoon is usually a group of robots trying to survive, I think. JuEY were quite complicated, and I'm not sure, but I believe that everything has been abandoned and may be too. I remember, together with some of them do not get a race. The cartoon was a very serious atmosphere, and usually I remember that I was sad to see.

The robots were pretty unique fighting each other, I believe, one of them looked like a dinosaur (not) so sure. But I've looked everywhere for it but found nothing in it. I only know that it is fully animated and the movie length. I'm not sure whether there is a mini-series, the line was making a film together, but I'm sure it's a series, was shot and killed one kind. It aired on TV all the time, when I was a child. It was also in English and I do not think outside of JapanAnime.

No help is welcome!

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Vesko said...

The TV series called Beast Wars, a computer animation in Canada, and was broadcast between 1996 and 1999. It is also part of the franc heise processors, so your miother was right. There were robots that in animals, rather than vehicles is great and the series, I like it better than the original form of the processors. I still remember some of the names of the characters, by the way: D
PS Wikipedia article about the source thingey

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